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The Kansas City Municipal Code contains sections that, while well-intentioned also make TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) illegal. The sections of the code that need to be rewritten include:

*Sec 14-11 a and b: Defines abandonment. We don't want to remove this section; if anything, I'd like to see abandonment changed to a felony. We just want the wording of this section to not apply to releasing TNR'd cats to their home colony. It does, however need to still prohibit outright abandonment of animals.

*Sec 14-17a: Prohibits trapping. It includes some exclusions, including trapping of nuisance wildlife. We want to add an exception for humane trapping of feral and stray cats for the purpose of TNR.

*Sec 14-20: Requires a license for dogs and cats. We want an exception added for cats residing in a feral/stray colony.

*Sec 14-27: Requires wearing of a license or ID tag for dogs and cats. We want an exception added for cats who are members of a feral/stray colony.

The Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Code can be viewed online at

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